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For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of sports cars of the 1960s. I bought the 1963 Corvette I still own in 1978. I bought a Shelby Cobra 427SC replica in 2002, and I started looking for an affordable Cheetah shortly thereafter. I searched the Internet for years looking for the right Cheetah project. The right project turned out to be one of Craig Ruth’s early Cheetah Evolution cars. The original owner intended to build a true race car so he bought little more than Craig’s basic tube frame and fiberglass body. When the project stalled, he sold it to me.

I wanted my Cheetah to be a street car and that meant it was almost like building a car from scratch. I knew I would need a lot of help from Craig to finish it so I visited him early on. He has been there to answer questions and advise me, sometimes on a daily basis, for more than two years now. …. About a year into my project I realized I did not have the knowledge or skills needed to fit the fiberglass body, doors, windshield, nose, etc. I took the car back to Craig’s shop and spent a week watching and helping as he and Joe did their magic. Craig is a driven, hard working business owner who is deeply committed to getting his car done right. And the price he charged for his work was very fair.

Occasionally when I ask Craig about how a particular piece of the car should go together, I discover that his newer cars have changed to improve on the earlier designs. It shows his commitment to learn from every car to make the next one even better.

The last thing I’ll add is that it’s going to take me quite a bit longer than I first anticipated to finish my car. That is because the Cheetah Evolution is not a “kit car” in the same sense as something like a Factory Five car. It is much more a ground up, custom built car that requires a lot of fabrication and bodywork skills to finish well. That is why Craig no longer sells the Cheetah Evolution as anything other than a completed car. It is also why they are worth what they cost.